Great skies and surprisingly warm temperatures here in Coromandel this winter. Look at the sky in this photo!

A sky like this might prompt us to rug up for winter but here in Coromandel it doesn’t get too cold compared to international standards. Yesterday at around 2:30pm in the afternoon we got the thermometer out which inside measured 13 degrees Celsius, and then outside in full sun, 24 degrees!  We are certainly still enjoying the warm days and the sunshine.  Predominantly New Zealand’s climate is temperate.  In the summer here in Coromandel it is warm enough to grow bananas.

In the far north of New Zealand they experience almost subtropical weather during the summer while down in the South Island it can get as cold as -10 degrees Celsius during winter.

Luckily due to New Zealand being two relatively narrow islands most of the country is close to the ocean making for mild temperatures, lots of sunny days and not too much rain. If you come and stay in the winter there is a very high chance you will be truly amazed at how hot the sun still is and the incredible blue skies.  Not only this but the cheaper winter prices and the calmer more relaxed atmosphere can make the Coromandel a great option for a winter getaway.  


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